David Collins


I attribute my early interest in art to my grandfather, who was a passionate and talented painter. As a young adult, I appreciated photography and was greatly moved by photographers like Diane Arbus and Robert Frank. It has been my desire to present through my art the beauty and sorrow of the human experience – mine included.

My own life has brought me through Europe as a young man, college in Minneapolis, a few decades in corporate America and, through it all, the depths of despair with alcoholism. Finding my way out of that life through spirituality and sobriety, I have attempted to capture life on my canvases and drawings. 

At age 59 my life took yet another turn that changed everything in my world. On November 1, 2009, I suffered a severe stroke and have spent the past years learning to live with the disability and the physical pain that it has brought. My greatest challenge has been to continue to grow in love and not to give up on the miracles in life. 

As I’ve started this new life, my art has been influenced by those miracles, by the pain, and by the realization that no matter where my journey leads, I am surrounded by inspiration, hope … and a grand desire to continue exploring my art.

David Collins