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Viv Ruegger

Currently living in Safety Harbor, Florida, Vivian ‘‘Viv’ Ruegger has been exploring her creativity for thirty years. During this time she also worked as an archaeologist in many different and exciting places.  

Early Career
She began her career in art by attending University of Washington School of Art studying “Fine Arts” in 1967. In the late 1970s through Early 1980s she owned and managed her own art gallery in Clearwater Beach while also acting as the Director for the Clearwater Marine Science Center, also in Clearwater Beach. During this year she also attended Ringling School of Art taking an “Illustration” class, and St. Petersburg Junior College studying once again in “Fine Art,” in which she gained her degree. 

Traveling Europe
In 1986 she retired from running from her gallery and she  began traveling the world in search of artistic  inspiration. During this time she was involved  in classes and  many different archeological digs with EarthWatch and other universities:

  • University Of California: Berkeley, California
  • Cork University: Cork, Ireland 
  • Oxford University: Oxford, England 
  • Oxford University: Island of Majorca (Palm de Majorca??), Majorca, Spain
  • Restoration with UNESCO: Venice, Italy
  • Worcester University: Worcester, MA 
  • Drawings & Cataloging–Oxford University, Turkey (Finds for a newly discovered city)

Viv spent some time in Pietrasanta, Italy where she stu she studied sculpting under Kyle Smith and took a marble workshop with Cesare Riva, a well known master sculptor. In the mid 1990s she moved to Tinos, Greece, with her husband. Her study of sculpting continued as she spent 3 or 4 summers in Milan, again under Master Sculptor Cesare Riva. Around this time she was commissioned by the Monastery of The Poor Clairs in the Netherlands to do a sculpture for their mother Superior’s Silver Anniversary. The sculpture was delivered on Thanksgiving of 1994.

Returning Home She returned to Florida and in 2005 she joined the IMAGO GROUP of which she is still a part of. In 2007 she went on a trip to South American to take photographs for one month. In December of 2007 her last studio at IMAGO was burnt down in an act of arson.

Viv has also studied along side Lynn Davison, Chris Still, Melissa Miller, Marie Cummings and Michael Kohl in both oil painting and watercolors at the Dunedin Art Center. She is affiliated with the Imago Art Group, Dunedin Art Center; Beach Art Center in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, and PAVA all of which she a member of. She continues to show her work in fine arts illustration and sculpture at the Stirling Art Studios in Dunedin.

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