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Wendy B Davis

I studied art and design at St. Petersburg College, attended classes at Dunedin Fine Art Center, and workshops in Costa Rica and Santa Fe, NM. I was also introduced to Tex-Mex art in San Antonio, TX for a few years. I now work from my Florida home and participate in several art associations. 

My collection of work employs the use of acrylic paints and other texture-producing mediums. I like to experiment with textures, color, design, findings, and depicting a thought or feeling in my art. I use paint, matte and gel mediums, and pastes and papers to convey different aspects of nature, and to encourage further thought about our universe.

My work has been displayed at the Leepa Rattner Museum of Art “Artist’s Market”, the “Inspire’s on Fire” art show at the Witte museum in San Antonio, and at the Dunedin Fine Art Center, among others. I belong to the Creative Artist’s Guild in Dunedin, the Tarpons Springs Art Association, and the Artful Souls Artists Group.

“Art is Everywhere – Make Something of it!”

Wendy B Davis